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"Fantastic and inspiring."
"Students and staff were riveted."
An author visit has the power to ignite a spark in your students. Pupils who have author visits are twice as likely to read above their age level, more likely to enjoy reading and are more confident in their reading and writing*. Meeting a successful author can motivate young people to follow their dreams, and even encourage the most reluctant of readers to pick up a book. Author visits allow students a unique insight into the ideas, work, craft, successes (and failures!) behind the books they love. They are also a lot of fun!
*source: The National Literacy Trust
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Tamsin’s talks are fun, engaging and interactive, and will inspire your students to pursue their dreams...and read more books! Tamsin discusses the inspiration behind her award-winning books, her journey to becoming an author (which began at age 8!) as well as themes affecting girls and boys today: bullying & cyberbullying, mental health, body image, and the double-edged power of social media. Tamsin shares her best writing tips and your students will get to hear some of Tamsin’s hilarious stories (and rejections!) as an aspiring writer and the comments she got from her teachers.


Students will leave feeling inspired, empowered, and best of all - keen to get reading and writing. Tamsin’s talk is followed by a Q&A session where students can ask their burning (or random!) questions and can be followed by a book signing. Tamsin is also happy to set a writing challenge with free resource upon request. Price includes a signed set of books.


2  hours

Pencil and notepad

Tamsin will take students on a powerful and unforgettable creative journey into their imagination. Your young writers will get a unique insight into developing fictional landscapes, story mapping, characterisation and narrative hooks from an award-winning writer. During the workshop, Tamsin gives feedback and advice on students’ own writing, and offers her best tips for developing their stories. They enter Tamsin’s workshop as students, but leave as writers. Choose from: World Building or Unconventional Characters.

Tamsin provides all resources for the workshop, students just need pen, pencil and paper. This writing workshop works best with small groups of students (25-30). Multiple session bookings available. Price includes a signed set of books.

For more information about Tamsin visiting your school, email:

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How much does it cost?

Tamsin Winter is a multi-award-winning author who writes fresh, funny and heartfelt fiction for readers aged 10+

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