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Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved writing stories and poems. One of my earliest memories is sitting at my grandfather's old typewriter (yes, typewriter! Google it) bashing the keys with my clumsy fingers, trying (and failing) to write without making any mistakes. Computers make writing stories a lot easier, believe me.

I love reading books because they are like little bits of paper magic. They can take you places far away, make you laugh, make you cry, make you scared, make you love and hate the world, and ultimately teach you to believe in happy endings, or at least stop you watching too much TV, which is sort of the same thing.

Reading books was enormously important to me growing up. I read about all the important stuff adults never talked to me about. I learnt about the difficult things in life, but I learnt about the awesome stuff too. 

I hope you enjoy reading my books, and that somewhere inside the pages you feel something, if not exactly magic, then something real. Because that's what my stories are about.

"Tamsin Winter gives a fresh and smart take on teen life."

Click here to read an interview with Tamsin on Usborne YA Shelfies.




I love cats. So much so that

there are always cats in my books.

I am vegetarian. My books are also vegetarian. See if you can spot what I mean!

I believe in fate and destiny & that the universe

gives you signs. Most of my friends think this is complete nonsense.  I think it's okay to not always agree with your friends.

i am slightly scared

of butterflies.

More than anything, I hope my stories teach young people to believe in themselves.

Because that's what makes magical things happen.

I have a beautiful and slightly bonkers son who gave me the determination to write being miss nobody. the book is dedicated to him.