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book a Virtual Visit from Tamsin for your students or club...

Option 1


30 mins Q&A session                   £135

Students can ask their burning questions about how to become an author, the inspiration behind Tamsin's award-winning books, and all aspects of the writing process from tricky first lines to writing The End and beyond! Price includes a signed copy of your favourite Tamsin Winter book.

"Tamsin was so lovely and very inspiring!"

"The class was hanging on Tamsin's every word."

Option 2

45 mins BOOK TALK + Q&A session       £185

Engaging and inspiring virtual author talk about the ideas and creative processes behind Tamsin's books. Students will be given a unique insight into the inspiration behind the stories, characters and key themes, followed by a Q&A. Price includes two signed copies of Tamsin's books.

Option 3

Pencil and notepad

"Tamsin's virtual writing workshop was amazing"

If you would like to book a Virtual Visit or for more information please fill out the contact form and Tamsin will get back to you within 48 hours


Virtual fiction writing workshop where students will go on a creative writing journey giving them a unique insight into creative writing processes. They will leave the workshop with valuable writing skills and understanding that they will remember for ever. Choose from either: Unconventional Heroes Characters or World Building.
Workshops are suitable for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, and are dyslexia-friendly. Resources will be emailed in advance. Price includes a signed book bundle.
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