The Inspiration behind Being Miss Nobody

My guest blog for the super awesome children's book site Toppsta...

I started writing when I was about eight years old. I used to type out stories and poems on my grandfather’s old typewriter, bashing the keys with my clumsy fingers, and reading them out to anyone who would listen, usually my cat. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a family that valued storytelling. My mother taught me to read before I started school, and there was a seemingly endless supply of books in the house for me to devour. Stories have always been a source of wonderment to me, and they still are. For me, the best books are the ones that make you laugh and cry in equal measure, so that’s what I aim for with my own writing.

The inspiration for Being Miss Nobody came to me very suddenly. A vivid picture came into my mind of a silent girl with all these words inside her head she wanted to express, but she was unable to say any of them. That girl became my main character, Rosalind, and Being Miss Nobody is her story.

To read the rest and to find out why I write at 2am, read the rest of my guest blog on the Toppsta site here.

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