Calderdale Book of the Year Award

I am thrilled to announce that Being Miss Nobody has WON the Calderdale Book of the Year Award 2018!!

I'm super happy that my book has won this fantastic award, and even more happy that the award involves 100 students who each got a copy of the shortlisted books, and then got to vote for the winner.

It's such a brilliant award, not just for authors like me, but because firstly, giving young people free books is a fantastic way of igniting a love of reading. I've been trying pretty hard to do that for the past fifteen years in my job as a teacher. It's not always very easy. Schools (and teachers) can't usually afford to give away free books.

Secondly, this award enables young people's voices to be heard. Their thoughts and opinions (positive, hopefully!) on the shortlisted books were listened to, and they were fully involved in the award ceremony. I got to meet and work with them too and they were amazing!

Thank you to everyone in Calderdale who voted for Being Miss Nobody and the super awesome organisers who made the award day such a special occasion.

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