I am Miss Nobody

How do you speak up when you don’t have a voice? In Being Miss Nobody, bullied Rosalind finds a way - by creating a kick-ass online persona Miss Nobody. Here's what she has to say...

Geeks. Weirdos. Dorks. Bookworms. Freaks. Brainiacs. Loners. Nobodies.

I think it’s about time we Spoke Up.

School can feel like a lonely place. Especially in a school where we, the Quiet Ones, are made to feel Totally Invisible.

Or worse.

How many of us have been victims of violence, just for being ourselves? How many of us go to school knowing our packed lunch will end up in somebody else’s stomach? That our musical instrument might end up in the biology pond? That our favourite book might get graffitied? Or that our chess pieces might end up plummeting out of a second-floor window?

How many of us have been picked on just for being different?

And how many of us have spoken up about it?

(No, me neither.)

At Manor High stupidity and spitefulness are celebrated. Popular people strike fear into the hearts of us Nobodies. It seems like to be a Somebody you have to hurt a Nobody.

And we’re all too scared to speak up.

But I think it’s about time that changed.

I’m starting this blog to Speak Out against the Brutal Bullies and the Vanity Squads who make our lives a Living Hell.

I’m here to Speak Up for all of you out there who know they don’t sell pi in the canteen, that Carbon Dating isn’t a new TV show, and that the Mona Lisa isn’t a selfie.

But mainly this blog is for People Like Us to join forces and maybe (hopefully) help each other.

If you are being bullied at Manor High then you are Definitely Not Alone. Because it’s been happening to me for what feels like a long time now.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of being quiet.

Manor High School desperately needs a makeover and (with your help) I’m the girl who’s going to do it.

So bullies of Manor High, you’d better Listen Up – because I’m not going to Keep Quiet any more. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think.

I hope some of you Nobodies out there want to join me.

Speaking Out Against Bullying at Manor High School.

I am Miss Nobody.

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