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I have not been a very nice person.

I have lied to a lot of people I know. In fact, everyone I know.

You are probably not going to like me very much.

I have done some bad things. Some really bad things.

I am

Miss Nobody.

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Awesome Book Award
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"Beautifully crafted and hugely moving."

Lucy Strange

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Eleven-year-old Rosalind is mortifyingly shy and cannot speak at all, well, not in front of anyone at school. Her classmates CALL HER weird and she becomes the perfect target for bullying - someone who cannot fight back.
So, Rosalind starts Miss Nobody - an anonymous blog to expose the bullies at her school. But, as her blog starts trending, things begin to spiral out of control. There is only one thing Rosalind has to do - speak up. 
But how do you do that when you can't actually speak?
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Brilliant Book Award

"Heart-breaking, uplifting and un-put-downable!

It will appeal to fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy."

Catherine Bruton

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